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In the commune of Giavera del Montello, the place that was the theatre of the Solstizio Battle and the Finale one, there is a British Cemetery that contains the remains of 417 English soldiers. The British corps suffered big losses on the source of the Piave and thanks to this British cemetery every soldier has his own headstone with personal data and the coat-of-arms of the regiment he belonged to.
In many cases relatives of the dead soldier have had poignant sentences engraved on the headstones that speak of the person and his deeds.
At the end of the meadow there is a Remembrance Stone, an altar in stone flanked by two big magnolias on which the following sentence has been graven: “Their name liveth for evermore.”
On Montello there is a doline called Valley of Corpses because of the big quantity of remains that emerged after the end of the war. Here there is also the stele of General Pennella, the commander of the 8th Italian army in the period of the Solstizio battle.

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