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Nervesa swarms with signs left by the Great War. It is a place where numerous events took place, thanks also to its proximity to the river Piave.
Along the main street you can already see the first testimony of the war, a recovered Boat Bridge that bears the signs of bullet fragments. To cross the river Piave boats were one of the tools most used, tied to one another with ropes.
A place that makes memories resurface is the Sant’Eustacchio abbey, whose ruins are extant. Artilleries attacked this building furiously. Then on the north-eastern summit there majestically emerges the Montello Military Shrine where there are the remains of 900 soldiers. Inside it there is a small museum with photos, maps and remains of objects concerning the way of living and the war.
Commemorating great characters and soldiers there are some monuments like the one, immersed among cypresses, near the Santa Croce Church, the Monument to the Boys of ‘99, in memory of the young soldiers, just eighteen years old, who were called up.
In the heart of Montello, at the point where his aeroplane is believed to have been shot down, there is the Sacellum dedicated to Francesco Baracca, the most successful of the pilots of the Great War. Still today there are doubts about the circumstances of the shooting down of his aircraft, but his deeds caused him to be defined a knight of the sky, so much so that his symbol, a rampant foal, is used today by the well-known car firm Ferrari.
Finally, in the old river port, there is the Monument to Artillerymen.
These are among the main testimonies to the events of the great War in the commune of Nervesa. But in the whole commune still today numerous signs of the war vicissitudes can be seen.
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