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the Great War into Montello and Colli Asolani
Still today in the area of the Montello Hill and the Asolano Hills you can see the signs left by the battles of the Great War. 
There are various itineraries created in the territory, linked to particular vicissitudes.
For the “Last Peak” itinerary, linked to the events and the front of Monte Grappa and the areas behind it, at Cornuda in the fortress there is an observation point, actually destroyed several times. 
In the Maser area we find at Forcella Mostacin the still recognizable signs of a system of observation for the positioning of guns. 
The itinerary of the “Battle of the Solstice” takes in the communes in the area around the Montello Hill. 
There are numerous remains of buildings, observation posts and bunkers but above all monuments and places of memory that have been dedicated, like the Military Shrine or the British cemetery.

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