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In order better to discover the town of Asolo, here are some itineraries created for experiencing to the best some specific aspects and visiting the town according to the time you have available.
Asolo love at first sight: for a focused visit to the centre of Asolo, there is a brief itinerary of about two hours allowing you to discover the important art and history treasures of the town that are contained and protected inside the medieval walls of the towns. Through the main streets that go up and down, this brief walk will allow you to savour the millennial essence of the place without ever wandering too far from the lion of St. Mark that quietly surveys the main piazza.
In the embrace of the walls of Asolo: an urban walk devoted to all those curious people that want to give in to the temptation of discovering what is hidden along the alleys that wind among the old palazzos of Asolo from the principal streets of the porticos. You need half a day to be allured by the sights that are hidden a few steps from the most famous monuments in the town, going along the perimeter of the old walls to look more deeply outside them.
A whole day round Asolo: an itinerary to spend a whole day in asolo, discovering the old monuments, in perfect harmony in the hilly landscape, rediscovering an alternation of old memories of man and poetic landscapes forming a hundred horizons.
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