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Maser paths
To discover the Maser hills better, there are numerous paths that allow you to penetrate into nature and to savour the landscape.

PATH 1 - PATH “OF THE TWO FORTRESSES”: it is an old road connecting Asolo and Cornuda, involving about 5 hours’ walking. At panoramic points, on particularly clear days the northern pre-Alps can be seen, as well as the plain as far as the sea towards southeast and the plain with Castelfranco and Padua, as far as the Euganean Hills, to the south-southwest.

PATH 2 – “COL DEL SPIN” TEACHING PATH: About 6 km long, it starts from the square of
Forcella Mostaccin in the direction of Cornuda, going around the Col del Spin, and is equipped with signs provided by the town administration of Maser, by WWF and by the Veneto Region. It can be done in 3-4 hours, and goes from an altitude of 372 metres at the start to 355 metres at the end, with a peak of 430 metres. It is very interesting for nature and landscapes.

Path 3 - 1915-1918 WAR ITINERARIES: Trenches, tunnels, walkways and observation points set up by the Italian troops during World War One allow us to relive the emotion of that time, when the Maser hills, because of their strategic position, constituted an optimal point to keep the enemy advance under control.

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