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Montello itineraries
The Montello wood is characterized by karstic dolines with caves and resurgences.
The roads by which you enter it are called “prese.” These are roads, some stretches of which asphalted while others have a mixed surface, that wind up the hill totally crossing it from the north side to the south side. They are numbered and cut through the territory longitudinally, while a ridge road, about 15 kilometres long, crosses the whole hill from west to east.
There are various natural paths, grouped in four big itineraries constituted by a series of rings joined together: itinerary of the Serenissima Wood, itinerary of the Bisnent, itinerary of the Chartreuse and itinerary of the Croseri.
Itinerary of the Serenissima Wood: it runs in the commune of Volpago del Montello, in a series of rings that end in the Val della Murada and to the east in the Vallonet area, Brusa Wood and Val de Bo de Gobbo. Among the places of interest is the Busa del Castel Sottoterra, over 6 km long, a cave among the longest and still unexplored today, which owes its characteristics precisely to karst phenomena.
Bisnent Itinerary: this itinerary is between presa VIII and presa V on the north side of Montello, in a highly anthropic area where farmers have cultivated the fields with the products typical of the place – wine, honey and potatoes.
Chartreuse Itinerary: the itinerary on the ridge road, between presa III and presa VII. The area in which these ten modular rings develop is that in which there are the remains of the Chartreuse, probably founded in about the 14th century. Here there is the famous Cave of St. Jerome, the founder. Near the cave there is a path along which the names of the plants that characterise the area are also indicated. Along this path there is one of the few natural ponds, the Busa delle Rane (hole of frogs), which owes its name precisely to the abundant presence of these amphibians.
Croderi Itinerary: the path is in the commune of Nervesa and extends from north to south, flanking the river Piave. The name Croderi derives from the ancient chisels thanks to which blocks of stone were extracted from the “croda” quarries on the scarp adjacent to the river Piave. The circuit can also be cycled along and ends on the panoramic road. You also coast along the pebbly shore of the river along which you can reach the Tavaran Grande cave.

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