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Borlotto nano di Levada bean
There are a lot of varieties of cultivated beans in Veneto but among particular ones we find the Borlotto Nano Levada bean.
Production is most widespread in the communes of Pederobba, Cavaso del Tomba, Possagno, Cornuda and Crocetta of the Montello Hill.
The Borlotto Nano di Levada Bean was already cultivated by farmers in the piedmont area at the start of the century, planted exploiting the spaces left between rows of corn or between the rows in vineyards. In the 1960s and 1970s it had its greatest development, in concomitance with that of other horticultural crops.
It is characterized by pods 15-17 cm long, flattened, creamy white in colour and speckled with red, with very thin peel.
It has a delicate taste and is particularly appreciated because it is grown making use of limited anti-parasite treatments.
Every year it is celebrated with an exhibition and market that is held at Levada towards the middle of September.

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