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Montello potato
Tradition has it that the potato was introduced to the Montello Hill in the 800, by the Napoleonic troops.
During the 20th century big growing got going and new selected varieties were introduced. Thanks to the clayey and iron-rich soil, which retains humidity and allows the tubers to develop better, the Montello Hill became an ideal area for this type of cultivation, making it famous and much sought after.
The communes in which it is grown are Crocetta del MontelloGiavera del MontelloNervesa della BattagliaVolpago del Montello and Montebelluna. Since 1996 it has also been commercialized with the hallmark “the Montello Hill Potato”, a hallmark registered with the Treviso Chamber of Commerce and submitted to a regulation.
Several varieties are grown in the red earth of this area:
Désirée, reddish, late and with a yellow interior, suited to frying and baking; Kennebec, late and with a white interior, a big variety excellent for gnocchi and mashed potatoes; small Ratte, medium-precocious, with a yellow interior, excellent for baking. Three other varieties, with a yellow interior, are suited for all kitchen uses: medium-precocious Monnalisa, Lisetta, which is precocious, and Bintje, which is medium-late. To the Montello Hill tuber there is also dedicated a traditional potato exhibition and market held at the beginning of September.

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