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Thanks to the characteristics of the ground and the woods the Asolano hills and above all the Montello Hill in the autumn season become a destination for those that love mushrooming.
A mushroom typical of the Montello Hill is the variety called ciodèt, honey mushroom, a name due to the similarity of the head of the mushroom to a nail. Ciodèt  mushrooms are born in groups on tufts and trunks and precisely depending on the typology of tree under which they are born they change colour and taste. The Montello Hill wood being rich in acacias they have a particularly sweet taste and an intense scent.
It is the main ingredient at holiday farms, trattorias and typical restaurants. A gastronomic festival is devoted to it, called CocoFungo, which involves restaurants in the province of Treviso.
In the autumn season the woods also give another typical product, the chestnut. In all village feasts from the end of September to November it is impossible not to find it, roasted and handed over in paper wraps.

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