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Ernest Hemingway

During the first World War, the territory near the river Piave became the basis for battalions and rescue troops. As member of these troops there was also the famous Ernest Hemingway, who really appreciated this territory, the flavors and savors that can be tasted by knowing the local population.

The impact of this zone had left in the writer a strong feeling that gives him the strong inspiration for the novels "A Farewell to arms" and “Across the river and between the trees” , the writer remained so bewitched from this area that he loved to define himself a “Basso Piave's Guy”.

The “I Luoghi di Hemngway” itinerary is 11 km-long and is devided in phases, in each of these you can remembered what the author had tried during the war thanks to the audio-guide that you can find and download in the places where you are through a QR code, which allow you to understand the painful experience, the remembrance, the emotions and the fears tried not only by the writer, but also by all the soldiers during the war.

To make the Itinerary accessible it was created a simple cycle route which develops along municipal and unfrequented (but always open) routes. It reachs the 60 km-long and, during the trail, you can find some well-equipped stops with all the instruments you need for maintaining in good condition your bike, and if you want you could also cook your own meal on the available grills.

The entire itinerary is underlined from the signs “I luoghi di Hemingway”, but for knowledge you can find the map here.
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