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Prosecco Wine Route
This is the most sought-after route of Italian wine in the world. Golden nectar that is tended and cherished among the rolling hills of the high Marchlands of Treviso. The panorama that opens up between Coneglianoand Valdobbiadeneis breath-taking: moving up from the plains you can make out the grandeur of the Dolomite mountains, catch a glimpse of the solemnity of the ancient castles scattered about, breathe in the spiritual peace of the churches and abbeys or admire the splendour of the noble villas and mansions.
The common denominator in all these charming features has the aroma of wine – a taste that derives from the past and runs along the oldest 'wine-route' in Italy; a route that has been designed to accompany the visitor and guide him or her in the discovery of man's relationship with the vine from the past to modern times.
The Road of Prosecco and Wine of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills represents a continuous treasure-hunt where every bend along the way reveals a splendid landscape. The route is divided into four sections which are proposed here as touristic routes to follow:
Itinerary A, from Conegliano to Refrontolo– a set of marvellous panoramic views that follow on one after another which seem to come straight from the brush and palette of an artist, so mild and gentle are the rolling hills and small scrubs. The route starts in Conegliano the town of Cimathat houses the prestigious old Scuola Enologica (School of Oenology), and ends in Molinetto della Croda at the foot of a twelve-metre waterfall, an enchanting experience for the aromas and silence of the place.
Itinerary B – from Refrontolo to Colbertaldo - this route runs through the Quartier del Piave, a succession of hills covered in rows of vines where various shades of green colour the landscape. This is the homeland of writers, poets and opera-singers. Meadows, vineyards, 'casere' and cultivation of the vines all over the steep slopes, almost down as far as the edge of the roads.
Itinerary C from Valdobbiadene to Campea – this takes the visitor up to the area where Cartizze is cultivated, a superb wine which as the legend goes is served at the banquets of the gods.
Itinerary D from Campea to Conegliano - here the steep slopes are abandoned for the more gentle hills, where other crops are cultivated alternately with the rows of vines and the panorama sweeps down as far as the placid plains of the Marchlands of Treviso.
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