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The Piave Wine Route
The area of production of the "wines of the river Piave" takes up a large portion of the eastern area of the Marchlands of Treviso and counts among its vines the following varieties: Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot (Nero, Bianco and Grigio), Raboso, Tocai, Verduzzo.
The route or road of the Piave wines stretches along the plain that the sacred river flows across, sacred to the motherland, and passes through places with strong evocative potential. As well as the evidence remaining of the historical events associated with the Great War, it is also possible to find out more about the farming community, the old traditions and transformations of the landscape that have taken place over the years as changes are made in the choices of cultivation. Here we are in the luxuriant, rolling countryside of the estates that belonged to the Serenissima Republic, where the relationship between the villas and the production of wine is significant to say the least. In fact the Venetian villas have gradually transformed with the passing of time from the grand aristocratic estates that they once were to important Aziendas, or businesses with their own good quality wine-label.
The 'wine-route' passes through three areas: the first goes along both the left and the right banks of the river Piave, among the vineyards that once belonged to the Serenissima Republic. The starting-point is from Oderzo, the largest centre in the area and historically important for its Roman origins, while the arrival is in Roncade. The "vineyards of the Doges" marks the area that begins at Roncade and ends at Cimadolmoin a village that is characterized by beautiful noble mansions, today well-established vine-growing holdings.
The third area goes from Cimadolmo back to Oderzo through the territory of the Raboso vine. Along the left bank of the Piave the visitor is regaled with a mixture of tradition, views over the river, little churches and a perfect gem of a town called Portobuffolè.
Following the route of the Piave wines means discovering more about the various excellent products of the territory that have contributed to enriching the nectar that for centuries the grapes here have produced.
The Piave 'wine-route' also passes through the municipalities ofMotta di Livenza andMeduna di Livenza that constitute the DOC Lison-Pramaggiore area including the provinces of Pordenone and Venice as well the area between the rivers Tagliamento and Livenza. This area of production and the relative route promote 14 DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) vines and another four wines that are autochthonous.
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