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Montello Cycling Circuit and linked slip-roads
The province of Treviso is considered the province where cycling is practiced the most. Due to its particular morphology it is considered to be a natural area that is ideal for exercising, catering for a wide variety of technical demands. A series of routes have been charted, all of which are capable of satisfying the tastes both of agonistic teams doing preparation and training for competitions and of cycling lovers and tourists who want to explore the places that have hosted the great cycling tours. These routes have all been gathered together in one single guidebook that proposes a ring-route of Montello and four slip-roads that break off from the ring-route to then join up with it further on.
The Montello cycling ring-route represents an intersection of roads that links up the Periplo, the Dorsale and the numerous Prese; given the ample choice of possible routes to follow, this makes it adaptable for any type of training necessity.
The Cansiglio link road is the most demanding of the four roads but it goes through a delightful variety of landscapes. With more than 2000 metres of elevation gain on an uphill route of 34 km, it is for well trained, expert racers.
The Molinetto della Croda link road is the shortest and least demanding route.The road winds its way through the piedmont hills and there are no steep slopes. Its features allows cyclists to ease into their training gradually.
The Monte Grappalink road goes through lots of different places on the way, from the plain to the mountain. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is only 86 km long. Good fitness and stamina levels are needed for the climb up Mount Grappa, which starts at around the halfway point.
The Pianezze link road is a route of medium length that is nonetheless very demanding. There are four stretches of rough ground that are extremely steep at some points. Each is slightly less difficult than the last and the first and final sections are almost flat.
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Photo: Marc De Tollenaere 


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