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Malga Molvine Binot
Via Molvine
31040 -  Segusino (TV)
Tel: (+39) 0423 979078; (+39) 349 8706227
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Agriturismo-malga “Molvine-Binot” is located in Segusino at 1150 meters above sea level is about 5 kilometres from the village of Milies of Segusino and 5 kilometres from the square of Pianezze of Valdobbiadene.

The family-run malga can offer great snacks, such as platters with Alpine cheese and salami of own production.

You also have a fence with great panoramic view over the Valley where you can tie up and to stop the horses.

The malga is open from about mid May to mid September.

Giulio Stramare

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