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L'itinerario delle Ippovie
Here's a new way to experience the Marca Trevigiana: on saddle!

Thanks to the new project “Ippovie delle Prealpi Trevigiane e Bellunesi”, the Knight can follow new trails that want to awaken the five senses: admiring the territory, listening the forests rumor, taking care of your horse, smell the perfume of nature and tasting the local products.

A rare occasion to establish a relation with traveling partner along the 226km of route, identified by the code TV5.

A unique trail, along which are present stopover points for horses and knight, and water point.

Other indications, also other trails, are signaled inside the brochure that accompanies visitor during their travel in the beautiful landscapes of the 9 municipals involved – like Segusino, Valdobbiadene, Miane, Follina, Cison di Valmarino, Revine Lago, Vittorio Veneto, Fregona and Cappella Maggiore.

There are not a fixed point of start because, being interconnected paths, can be undertaken by any of the designated countries.

Certainly an experience to try, to spend a day or a weekend in contact with nature without sacrificing the cultural attractions of the concerned area.

In fact, the Ippovie, are housed in a special protection areas (ZPS) and sites of Community importance (SIC).

Who loves run with a mountain bike instead of with an horse can run these trails with mountain bike with comfortable trekking shoes or Nordic walking sticks.

Download here the km of the itinerary.
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