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Autumnal Delights
The crunch of dry leaves, the invigorating breeze, the trees that make up for the gradual dropping in temperature with their warmer shades of colour....., in Treviso this is what makes autumn, along with chestnuts, mushrooms, pumpkins and polenta, of course. At the end of the summer, the earth consoles us with its return to the routine of every day, showering us with its most precious gems.
"Autumnal Delights" is the collection of exhibitions that accompanies us from September onwards, when the vineyards are crowded with grape-gatherers, up until the first days in December, when the time comes for families to decorate the tree.
Have you ever tasted the mushrooms from Montello? And what about the 'Nano levada' bean? Risottos, pasta and beans, cream of vegetable soups will all be there, organized and divided up into about fifteen dates for food and wine tasting that will follow on one from the other in these months. How about filling up with Vitamin C before the winter sets in? A good way is by tasting the Zero Branco pepper! Would you rather have some meat? Take a trip to Pieve di Soligo and taste the Giant Spit. And if you're talking about chestnuts, well, you can take your pick. The Pedemontana del Grappa, the area at the foot of the mountains, and the Prealps constitute the very best territory there is: the Chestnuts of Monfenera and the Chestnuts from Combai, both varieties with the PGI appellation (Protected Geographical Indication), are offered in a selection of cakes and sweets, jams, honey and ice-cream. The sound of the 'rostidora' turning (the special pan with holes used for roasting the chestnuts), along with a glass of nouveau Verdiso will accompany you as you wander in and out among the stalls and the puppets. And then, pumpkin, apples, polenta and wine! Not forgetting, of course, the numerous events that gravitate around these village festivals: exhibitions of local arts and crafts, walks among mountain huts and casere, musical entertainment. If you want to add the tasting of good food (at 0 mileage!) to the rediscovery of rural traditions, then this is the ideal place for you.
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