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By a group of friends restaurateurs of the Pedemontana area in 1996 has been created Intavolando. "Mettere in tavola", put on the table, that is, to create an exhibition that bring experience, professionalism and passion to spread the culture of food and wine from Treviso. "Intavolando" also means "start a dialogue": in this case it is a dialogue with the Venetian cuisine through gastronomic events in a real tour of flavors, a dialogue with all those who decide to deepen the knowledge of the dishes.

The dates have not just the purpose to enhance and safeguard the typical products and traditional recipes, but also to experiment with new ideas, deepen the professional growth of the chefs and spread the culinary art of Treviso and Veneto.

In June the Biso di Borso del Grappa combined with Verdiso wine of Combai create a real marriage of taste. In October restaurateurs have a very successful combination with a menu based on chestnuts in conjunction with the Chestnut festival in Combai. December is the month when the table goes to the fairy tale with the exhibition of illustrations for children in Sarmede, where images of fantasy blend with the colors of the kitchen.

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