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A little history...
The name of this cake comes from 'fregola', that is 'crumb'..... and if you haven't yet understood why, cut yourselves a slice and you'll see! Watch out that you don't mistake it for the Sbrisolona from Gonzaga - the Fregolotta is different both for the ingredients and for the characteristics, and was first produced in Castelfranco at the beginning of the twentieth century. The person who originally invented this cake is however a mysterious character. The bakery belong to the Zizzola family, who still make and sell this type of cake today, received the recipe from Aunt Evelina, the sister of the founder of the bakery who in turn had received it from a friend of her youth who had been a cook for a noble family of Terraglio.
This cake keeps very well and is made from genuine short pastry with ingredients that are as old as man's sweet tooth: flour, butter, sugar and natural aromas ...... help yourselves to the 'fregole' with us!

500 gr. of flour
150 gr. of sugar
2 tablespoons of fresh cream
One small knob of butter
15 gr. of salt

Sieve the flour with the salt and add the sugar. Grease a large and low dish with the knob of butter.
Wet the fingers of one hand in the cream and place them on the flour, rub the hands together and let the 'fregole' or crumbs drop into the dish as they come, until all the flour has been used up. Level the crumbs inside the dish so as to obtain a uniform layer and place in the oven to bake at 150° until the surface of the cake is golden.
Allow to go cold before serving.


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