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Potato gnocchi with red chicory and morlacco cheese
Ingredients (4 pers.)
1 kg of floury potatoes
250 gr. of '00' type flour
3 egg yolks
200 gr. of Late red chicory from Treviso
150 gr. of Morlacco cheese
100 gr. of butter
A small quantity of milk
Salt and pepper
Wash the red chicory in salted water, then squeeze the water out, cut into pieces and toss in the frying-pan for ten minutes with a little butter, then pass in the liquidizer to get a rather thick creamy paste.
Boil the potatoes, then peel them and mash on a baking-board. Fold into the potatoes the chicory, egg-yolks, salt and pepper and – a little at a time – the flour (the quantity necessary varies, depending on the type of potato used and the density of the chicory paste). Knead the mixture until it becomes uniform and smooth and no longer sticks to the hands.
Make small sticks of the dough about the size of a finger and cut them into 2 centimetre-long pieces. Pass them one by one along the back of a grater, pressing gently with the thumb so as to obtain a concave shape on one side and hollow on the other that will better absorb the sauce, and then lay them out on a floured top.
In a small saucepan place a knob of butter and the Morlacco cheese cut into small pieces and heat up very gently on a low flame, mixing from time to time until you get a cream that is not too thick (add a little milk if necessary). Bring to the boil 3 litres of water and sea-salt in a large saucepan. Pour the gnocchi in carefully. Drain them as they come to the surface with a large-holed ladle (that acts like a sieve). Arrange on dinner-plates and pour over the Morlacco cheese sauce before serving.
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