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Risi e luganega
Authentic “risi & luganega” was a dish with the long, thin “luganega” sausage floating in broth surrounded by a reasonably sparse amount of rice. The sausage would be white after the broth had absorbed all of its character and sensory features.
Recently, these more liquid dishes have given way to risotto all’onda, i.e. very soft and “wavy”. One sausage should be added for every 150 g of rice, along with 400 ml of broth and 25 g of butter.

Cut the luganega sausage into small pieces and brown it in a pan with finely chopped onions to release its fat, then add the rice for a few seconds (this procedure is known as the tostatura). Soak it all in red wine and leave it to evaporate. Add the broth and allow it to cook until it is all’onda.

Before serving, stir in a very small amount of butter and grana cheese. It can be served in a large tray or a dish garnished with a luganega sausage.

Source: “La Marca dei sapori. Una terra da scoprire”. A publishing project by the Province of Treviso’s Communication Office. Written texts by Giulia Spagnol.

Photo: Marc De Tollenaere


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