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Veal carpaccio with asparagus and egg sauce.
Recipe taken from 'Cooking Evenings' in the European Project Ruralnet – chef Giuliano Fiorotto
Ingredients for 10 persons
For the main dish: 500 gr. silverside of veal, 150 gr. mixed salad of the season, 150 gr. white Cimadolmo asparagus, 150 gr. green asparagus, salt to taste
For the sauce: 150 gr. extra-virgin olive oil, 80 gr. egg yolks, 30 gr. vegetable broth, 30 gr. lemon juice, 20 gr. chives, salt to taste, sugar
Remove the grease from the silverside and steam-cook right through at 65° C. lower the temperature and wash the asparagus. With the help of a vegetable-slicer or potato-peeler, slice thinly and conserve in water and ice to keep them crunchy.
Wash and dry the salad. Prepare the sauce, beating the egg-yolk, olive-oil and lemon-juice with a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar. Add the vegetable broth heated up and lastly the chopped chives. Arrange the serving-dish with the slices of 'carpaccio' cut finely in the centre, and then a tuft of salad and slices of asparagus cut lengthwise. Season with salt and a drizzle of egg sauce.
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