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Cultivated Montello Mushrooms
In the Montello area, mushroom-picking and eating, whether pore fungus or boletes, royal agaric, russula or chantarelle, are activities that attract both nature and environment enthusiasts and gourmets and good food lovers. The cultivated varieties may be a little less poetic perhaps, and for some people less tasty but they undoubtedly have many qualities; they cost less, they are less contaminated, often biological, more and more easily found because more widespread and often excellent from the point of view of safety and nutritional quality.
The province of Treviso has had a leading role in this sector since the nineteen-sixties: every year fresh and preserved mushrooms are sold in the regions of northern Italy and in Europe, particularly in Germany. The varieties most cultivated are the meadow mushrooms, followed by the Pleurotus, locally known by the name of 'Sbrisa' and honey mushrooms.
The meadow mushroom or Champignon has a white, globular, convex cap with a widened base and a medium diameter of 8-10 cm. The lamellae or gills under the cap are pink or brownish. The stalk is robust and white in colour and the flesh is firm with a pleasant taste, slightly musky and has a tendency to be sweet and aromatic. The Pleurotus or 'Sbrisa' is characterized by a chamois-brown cap in the shape of a fan with creamy white lamellae, and a lateral stalk that is short and robust. The flesh is white and firm with a intense aroma and a pleasant acidity that makes it excellent for frying or grilled 'over the coals'. The honey mushroom has a pale or dark brown cap of a diameter of up to 10 cm, either convex or flat. The stalk is cylindrical, slightly tapered at the base and of a brownish-white colour while the flesh is whitish or brown and very firm with a pleasant aroma and flavour.
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