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Villa Emo
The villa, built between 1558 and 1560, was commissioned by Leonardo Emo, whose family owned several properties in the 15th century in Fanzolo. Andrea Palladio succeeded to meet the demands of the client, using cheap materials, but also moving lines and shapes, the ideals of harmony and proportion.

The interiors of the first floor were painted by Battista Zelotti (1526-1578), former partner and co-worker of Verona. In decorative draping, both of the lodge and of the halls, are depicted some ears of maize, the cultivation of the "New World."

The Villa still retains its agricultural vocation: fulcrum of a generous campaign that offers wine, olive oil, fruits and vegetables; a kind of rural village that combines noble and farmer, a perfect thread that links and integrates the patrician dwellings to the ones of the factors.

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