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Mysterious Marca - The mysteries of the Marchlands of Treviso
The province of Treviso is a mysterious land. Reading between the lines of its history you can find hidden stories about great old families, of damned souls, wandering spirits and mysterious creatures – uncanny events, unknown secrets which only the more curious and adventurous may wish to discover.
The stories of "Mysteriuos Marca" represent an alternative way of discovering this so-called 'gioiosa et amorosa' land (as it has been described since the twelfth century) and so quenching one's thirst for mystery... the beginning of a journey in search of history and myth combined, somewhere between reality and fantasy, with the magic of the past that re-emerges on feast-days and on the occasions of commemorations.

Susegana – The Castle of Collalto and the legend of Bianca
As alive as ever is the sad story of Bianca who Tolberto loved unrequitedly for her kind manner, her open smile and soft flaxen hair. But theirs is a story of a horrible crime.....

San Zenone degli Ezzelini – The legend of the cruel Ezzelini family
The tyrant Ezzelino mercilessly walled up men, women and children alive. According to the legend he even tore out the eyes of the children first. For his extraordinary cruelty Dante sent him to rot in hell.....

TheMontello – Fairies, devils, dragons and spirits
Just a few steps and the light of a small lantern will reveal a landscape that is invisible by the light of day, a world of fairytales populated with gnomes, ogres and devils.....

Monastier di Treviso – The Ghost-ridden Abbey
Inexistent bells are heard on the wind by night or the banging of windows, while the darkness swallows up the gleam of a light that creeps up some stairs that have long been demolished........

Vittorio Veneto – The Stone of Santa Augusta
A long flight of steps takes the visitor up to the highest point in the town: here there is a sanctuary and a stone with a hole in it of very old origins..........

Illustration: Paolo Cossi – Frontiere


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