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Art and Faith in the Marchlands of Treviso
The modern pilgrim can still immerse himself in the simplicity and sobriety that was distinctive of faith long ago. The landscapes of the territory around Treviso constitute an oasis of peace and quiet that bears the signs of a deep and historical bond between the inhabitants of the area and the Christian faith. The itineraries associated with spirituality that are proposed here cross the Marchlands, joining up the most important sanctuaries, churches, belfries or bell towers and 'capitèi' (sacred shrines built by the local people, often dedicated to the Madonna). There are three alternative routes based on different themes: "The places of the spirit", combining art and the sacred, "The places of the cult of Mary" that follow the tracks of devotion to the Madonna or Virgin Mary and "Following the tracks of Pius Decimus" in memory of Pope Sarto.
Retracing the signs of religious devoutness in the Marchlands does not only mean coming into contact with the religiousness emanating from the places of worship but also discovering popular traditions and visiting the museums that tell the story of the faith in this area. Works of art that have often reached the highest expression bear testimony to the this, as is the case of the altar-piece of Giorgione in Castelfranco that is housed in the Cathedral of Castelfranco Veneto.
As well as the examples that can be found in the picture-gallery in the Sacristy of the Cathedral of Castelfranco, sacred art can be admired by visitors to the Marchlands in numerous cycles of frescoes of the events narrated in the Holy scriptures. Particularly worthy of mention are those that can be visited in the ex-church of Santa Caterina in Treviso, in San Lorenzo dei Battuti in Vittorio Veneto and in the Sala dei Battuti in Conegliano.
For those who wish to dedicate some time to discovering the different styles of imagery in faith in the local production of liturgical vestments and church furnishings and ornaments, the two diocesan museums of sacred art in Treviso and in Vittorio Veneto offer a wide range of objects on display that run through various historical eras.

Photo: Municipality of Motta di Livenza


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