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Church of the Knights Templar
The Church of San Giovanni Battista in Tempio, near Ormelle, was built in the mid 12th century by the Knights Templar, a monastic order that left a significant mark on the Mediterranean landscape and continues to be a source of great fascination. It was originally part of a "masòn", i.e. an isolated Templar enclave in the heart of the order's land. It is now the only construction that remains from that period. A few buildings from the era of the Knights Hospitaller (16th – 17th century) stand around it.
The former Templar settlement is in a singular and extremely striking location. Strangely, it does not seem to have been greatly affected by the transformations of the land on the Veneto plain. The two factors that make the landscape in this area stand out are the relationship with the local hydrographic features and the symbiosis with the rural land.
The Church of the Knights Templar in Tempio is a perfect demonstration of how an architectural structure can fit harmoniously into a landscape. If you travel up the River Lia, for example, you can see it standing in a prominent position on the bank. It is partially reflected in the calm, clean water. When you approach it from the road, it seems to stand out symbolically in the green landscape of the fields and meadows.
From the portico of the church meanwhile, you can see the expanses of rural land on one side and the winding river on the other. It becomes clear that the architecture and the landscape are two parts of a single whole which is bathed in otherworldly, age-old silence.

Photos: Municipality of Ormelle


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