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The Madonna of Cendrole
This is the oldest church in the district.
It stands in the countryside to the west of Riese Pio X and has remained unchanged since it was designed by the architect Ottavio Scotti in the 18th century. The Madonna has been revered and invoked from time immemorial and it is possible that this form of worship originally overlapped with the cult of the pagan goddess Diana.
According to legend, the church was built after the Virgin Mary appeared to a young shepherdess who was in danger of being attacked by wolves in the remains of a wood that had burnt down. After saving the girl, Mary showed her the plans for the future church by marking them out on the ground with the ash from the fire.
It contains paintings from the 16th to 20th centuries, including a depiction of Saint Eurosia by Noè Bordignon. Between the church and the bell tower are the remains of the tombstone of Lucius Vilonius, a quadrumvir of the Roman municipium of Acelum (Asolo).

Photos: Riese Pio X Municipal Library


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