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Treviso and its churches
Madonna Granda
Santa Maria Maggiore is a sanctuary devoted to the Virgin Mary that is popularly known as “Madona Granda”. It built up around an 8th century capital featuring a devotional image of the Mother of God. It has always been one of the main religious centres in the March of Treviso.

San Nicolò
A bespectacled friar (wearing perhaps the first pair of glasses in the history of art) reads from the walls of the Chapter House in the Monastery of San Nicolò, whose church welcomes us with its warm atmosphere and acoustics that were ideal for the oratorical skills of the Dominicans when they preached centuries ago.

San Francesco
The characteristic austerity of the Franciscans is perfectly expressed by the style of the Church of San Francesco, with its small and simple interior. The daughter of Petrarch was laid to rest here. Opening times: In the morning until Midday, in the afternoon from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm (except for during services).

Photos: Municipality of Treviso


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