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The Sport-system district of Montebelluna represents one of the main areas of specialization in Veneto and is one of the most famous and distinctive local systems in the panorama of Italian industrial districts. Formed at the time of the Venetian Republic, the district has been consolidated and developed over the decades in spite of successive events, historical and economic.

Born as spontaneous aggregation among small producers of footwear, especially work and mountain, grew thanks to close ties created between the actors of the productive chain, the district is now a highlight of the sports production of our country. An interesting aspect that mark out the Sport-system of Montebelluna is its vocation for internationalization and technological and stylistic innovation.

Its importance it's not due only from the productive substance and occupational, but also from the kind of develop, rich in technical component and local entrepreneurs that allow Montebelluna to become capital of sportive footwear.

Here are produced the 60% of cycling footwear and the 80% of Italian ice skates and roller skates.

Worldwide, are manufactured on 25% of inline skates, the 50% of technical boots, the 65% of snow boots, 75% of ski boots and the 80% of motorcycle boots.

Since 1984 is active in Montebelluna the boot and footwear Sports Museum Foundation with the goal of preserving the historical memory of not only a product but of the entire district.

Through 11 halls on two floors, the Museum collects the most characteristic pieces of two centuries of history of the district, from the early nineteenth century gallozze boots to the futuristic boots and shoes of the latest collections.

All paying particular attention to historical and social fabric that made possible the creation and development of this economic-industrial little miracle.

In the Museum are present, next to the first tools of Shoemaker, authentic archaeological finds in the district, numerous historical documents that mark the evolution of the community of Montebelluna.

There is also an archive catalogs with all publications by promoting products from 1939 to the present and an archive that collects the thesis written on the district.
Photo: Pinarello


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