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Mountain biking
After the Italian Championship in 2009 and the European in 2010, the event of the World Championship in 2011 brought Montebelluno and the Marca Trevigiana into the limelight yet again, confirming it as a real “capital” of cross-country biking.
Pedali di Marca’ organized an event which will be remembered in the annals of the history of mountain-biking and that widely publicized the area as well as the Veneto territory, not to speak of the entire movement of mountain-biking in Italy. The most important protagonists of this speciality, together with a multitude of biking enthusiasts, all participated in an event which showed itself to be unique. Large numbers of brightly-dressed fans cheered the athletes on all along the route, demonstrating a warmth that showed the whole world yet again the real passion for cycling felt here in the Marca Trevigiana, as well as the enormously efficient capacity for organizing this type of manifestation.
For those who love mountain-biking, the same routes on which the most famous bikers competed have become an absolute must where enthusiasts can test their strength and scattered all over the Province of Treviso one can find a myriad of paths and routes along which to adventure. The mediaeval castles, the contours of the Pre-Alps and the meanders of the rivers Piave and Sileare just a few of the features representing the suggestive charm of this beautiful area which is perfect for organizing excursions. Montello constitutes the real heart of all this, a privileged place which for its particular conformation and the myriad of asphalted roads and dirt tracks has become a temple for both cross-country and road cyclists.
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Photo: Marc De Tollenaere


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