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 Due Rocche is one of the most straordinary and non-competitive running of Italy that takes place in an environment marked by the great war, where even today you can see the trenches, observatories and galleries for defense of Italian soldiers. The Duerocche, is one of the oldest competitions in Italy, is an International Running Race not competitive. The date of this competition in always the same: 25thof April. The ride takes place along the trenches of the first world war, in a charming setting surrounded by unspoiled nature, through unique nature trails linking the fortresses of Asolo (TV) and Cornuda (TV). The respect for nature represent the great low in the competition; an attention which is recognized by the attention that the Organizing Committee reserve in all its activities and from one route, that after the event, is left intact so that future generations can enjoy them to the fullest.
Every years are numerous the activity that accompain the approach to the event and to the race to discover the surrounding area to make the participation also moment of discovery tourism.
Next 25 April, we will waiting for you in Cornuda for the 42th edition of Duerocche.

Photo: DueRocche


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