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Troi dei Cimbri
The Troi dei Cimbri is a race of trail running in mountain of long distance; is long about 55 km with departure and arrive in Fregona. It was born from the fusion of the “Ecomaratona of Cimbri of Cansiglio” and the “Ancient Troi of Shamans” and It is developed entirely on trails and dirt roads well signs.
The running trail is the sportive practice that recognize the race in natural environments a way for promote knowledge and promote respect, valuing natural resources, cultural, human and productive places where it takes place.
The path winds along a lovely location on the slopes of Mount Pizzoc and mostly within the ancient forest of the Doges, in a context of absolute immersion into the Woods.

This Trail is a trip, that will allow people to met enchanting and unspoiled landscapes of the woods of Cansiglio, places where story, mythology and natural beauty interlace to create the path to follow.
In respect of any form of life, animal or vegetable, is rigorous.

It is covered and is run on the paths and on the footprints, without going out of it. It is observed by the eyes and there is appreciated with the heart all that surrounds us to pick the beauty, the mystery, the vitality of this that the Nature gives and that they they all are called to keep and to protect.

You are walking and are running in trails and slopes without exiting. May comply with your eyes and appreciate with the heart, around you to capture the beauty, the mystery, the vitality that this nature gives and all are called to preserve and protect.

Thanks to the work of volunteers who clean up the path from any signs immediately after the passage of the last athlete, and thanks to the attention to the nature of the Organizing Committee, "Troi of the Cimbri" can boast of being practically a race to zero environmental impact. 
Photo: kind concession of Pro Loco di Fregona


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