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Grotte del Caglieron
Situated in the little town of Breda, near Fregona, you can enjoy of the magnificent Grotte del Caglieron, a series of caves that are formed by the homonymous torrent that develop into surprising waterfalls, which are the real factor of great interest.

In some caves, deeply eroded, appears a sandstone layer, partly dug out by persons to get the 'piera dolz', one of the oldest stone used in the construction industry from the XVIth century.

You can reach the 'Grotte del Caglieron' travelling trough a wide path that  cross the waters of the torrents, and that will take you into an open space that has the tipycal inclined columns features that support the layers of sandstone forming the ceiling.

Passing trough the Caglieron, you can admire the natural Forra, the big Marmitta dug out from the waters and then, downstream, the natural part that made up the real Cave, in an environment that seems almost magical, and that often making form the charming quinta in artistic events.

In the deeper parts of the caves, the temperature remains constant promoting the botanical and Zoological microenvironments notables, also favored by the fact that the illumination is less.

The Grotte del Caglieron in addition to their suggestive beauty are appreciated also for their cool climate that you can breathe in summer, while in winter the factor of great interest is the formation of ice on the falls that gives the place a background almost unreal.


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