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Mount Pizzoc
Pizzoc is a mountain situated in the town of Fregona and reaches the 1565 metres height represented one of the highest peak of the Prealpi Trevigiane.

This relief extends in the northeast part of the altopiano of Cansiglio and is easily reached by car.

This area is well-equipped by a good network of trails and paths that allow people to make long and relaxing walks immersed in the suggestive nature of Treviso.

In the autumn, when the leaves take on a yellow-red colour, the beech woods are very charming; also among the conifer woods emerge several stretches meadows that are populated by deer and wild boar.

This path are highly recommended to animal lovers that will have the possibility to admire numerous species of birds including: Culbianchi, Cordirossi and the Gheppio, a small reddish-brown plumage bird, very rare in the surrounding areas. It could be find near the Vittorio Veneto alpine refuge, that is located at 100 metres from the peak of the mountain from where you can observe a 360° panorama's, in fact, if the day is clear, you can admire the sea up to the Venice lagoon.

Photo by Maurizio Maso - own by Comune di Fregona


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