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Mount Grappa
The Monte Grappa massif was the scene of bloody battles of the Great War and preserves the signs of this past in the Military Sanctuary Museum of Cima Grappa, in the Vittorio Emanuele III Gallery and in many trenches crossing its meadows.
The inhabitants of this mountain jealously preserve their historical evidence and gastronomic traditions; an invaluable natural heritage, with a wealth of varied and in some cases rare flora and a fauna that lives on the land and in the sky.
It is possible to do several sporting activities. Free flying enthusiasts flock here from all over the world. There are reliable rising air masses to be found throughout the day all year long, so it is possible to spend hour after hour up in the sky taking in a panorama that never ends. The numerous associated sporting events and the expertise of the tourism companies that have developed in the area help to ensure that Monte Grappa is always vibrant. It is a place where sport comes together with natural beauty and sites of historical interest.
Hiking and Nordic walking enthusiasts will find plenty of trails, which become perfect routes for snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter.
Cyclists can ride up the mountain if they fancy a real challenge. It is one of the most breathtaking climbs in Italy but good fitness and stamina levels are needed.
Orienteering, horse riding and golf are some of the other activities that take place amidst the area’s green woods.
Photo: Alessio Tonetto


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