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Meeting between tradition and innovation in cuisine.
Mushroom is the absolute protagonist in this gastronomic event, born in the 1976 that constitutes a record in Italian tourism. An annual appointments that features the fall and winter months, with the taste that we want to propose, to raise awareness of the versatility of the mushroom, product much used in the pre-alps of Treviso.

Numerous are the traditional dishes that wants the mushrooms as basic ingredient, but the gastronomic cultures and culinary experimentation are based to the original inspiration of CocoFungo that years later preserves the capacity to open his mind to diversity and renewal.

The organizers of the Festival each year choose a theme that will be the common thread through the haute-cuisine evenings that will be held at our best restaurant of Marca Trevigiana Inglese making these dinners time of gastronomic and cultural blend.

In 2008 the inspirational theme was cinemas, in 2009 there was the collaboration with Slow Food, in 2010 was the world of Fairy Tales, and in 2011 the fabulous years 60. As Knights to the "King of the forest" we find the principal wines of the Treviso areas like the famous prosecco and cartizze but also numerous particular production like Raboso, Passito, Refrontolo, Verdiso and the wines of the Colli Asolani and Montello.

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