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Antonio Canova

His heart is preserved inside Basilica dei Frari in Venice, but his body lies in Possagno, hometown of the artist, located into the hills of the Marca Trevigiana, where he loved to come back often.

The great artist, the most representative of the Neoclassicism, made its works of art for popes, emperor, sovereign and princes from all over the world. Its sculptures in white marble, famous in all the world, fix everyone thanks to its grace and plasticity in the eyes of the beholder.

Possagno, in addition to the great temple designed by artist and where this rests, also houses the birthplace where you can visit the room where he was born and the splendid painting study and the Gipsoteca that preserves a collection of plaster casts and is considered the first public museum in Veneto (1836).

Who admires the works of this great master of Italian arts can not miss the visit to the place where his history takes place and where is offered a full panorama of its activity.

Spend some days through the lands of Antonio Canova means moving around a territory of enchanting beauty where the natural landscapes married with architecture and where you can breath the same inspiration and smell the good aroma that the artist has breathed.

Rich flavors and gentle wines are accompanied to the art.

Possagno has entered to take part in the “Street of Architecture”, a trip that cross the town of great interest and links the beautiful architecture in the Provincia of Treviso.


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