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The beautiful setting of the surrounding countryside helps to unite Altivole into a tranquil, unified town.
Provincia di Treviso has helped show all this area has to offer with the “Architecture Route” - a trail that helps to introduce tourists in Treviso to our artistic heritage. This “Architecture Route” is a project started in collaboration with the other districts in Treviso and has been flourishing since its creation. With the help of the surrounding towns, Altivole has the aim of allowing everyone the opportunity to learn about the art works that are central to our culture here. The educational journey has been designed starting in Altivole because of a famous monument here, the Brion Tomb of Carlo Scarpa, located in the San Vito neighbourhood. This monument was built at the same time as the Gypsoteca of Possagno, another great work of local architecture, and the path continues from there through other towns. With all these great architectural sites and a backdrop of its beautiful landscape, Altivole certainly merits a visit.
Info: Municipality of Altivole


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