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Breda di Piave
Breda di Piave

 The town of Breda di Piave is situated in Treviso’s vast plains. The ancient findings of crafted bronze date the presence of a human settlement in the area back to Ancient Venetian times. The amphorae granarie, tombs and a beautiful cylindrical columns suggest, furthermore, that the town’s was a relatively big town in Roman times as well. The name derives probably from Praedia, Italian word for the farms given as payment to Roman war-veterans. In addition to the capital there are other four fractions that are: Pero, Saletto, San Bartolomeo and Vacil.

Breda di Piave is situated on a strip of land where the richness of water and headwaters has also encouraged agriculture, where industrial development has not erased the rustic farms and thus its authentic history remains intact.

Info: Municipality of Breda di Piave Comune di Breda di Piave 

Photo: Municipality of Breda di Piave


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