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The archaeological findings in the Sile riverbed near Casier attest to its settlement dating back all the way to the bronze age. Since the first Millennium BC, the important waterway helped trade among the nearby settlements of the southern Veneto and the Venetian Lagoon, especially materials of bronze and iron (swords, daggers, axes, scythes, helmets, vases, fibulas, etc.) that are on display in the Museo Civico of Treviso. In the early middle ages (year 710) the Benedictine monastery of SS. Peter, Paul and Teonisto was erected in the capital of Casier, employed by the Abbey of San Zeno of Verona. Towards the year 1000, the Lords by Casier a Castle along the Sile, also useful for controlling intense commercial traffic on the River. At the beginning of the 1900s, the typical water mills were still in use along the Canal of Rogia (Roja), dating to the 8th century. According to tradition, the parish church was built in the area where the old Benedictine monastery used to stand. In the 7th and 8th centuries several villas were built nearby by Venetian patricians, among which we can still admire those of the noble Barbaro and Franceschi-Rombo. These villas, with the parish church, still preserve contemporary jewellery art, both in painting and sculpture.

The rich agricultural tradition here has helped to produce, among other things, the authentic Radicchio di Treviso, a fine red wine, known to locals as “Dosson”, that is cultivated with the well-known bleaching techniques developed since the middle of the nineteenth century. The yearly vintage of Radicchio is celebrated every year, between late January and early February, with the famous feast “Radicchio Rosso di Dosson.”

Info: Municipality of Casier


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