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Cavaso del Tomba
Cavaso del Tomba is a municipality of about 2,675 inhabitants located at the heart of the province of Treviso. Until 1922, the area was previously known as Cavaso. The addition of “del Tomba” was added after World War I, in memory of the battles that took place in the area of Monte Tomba, at the foot of Monte Grappa.
The origins of human settlement here are ancient and some even date the area’s settlement back to prehistory. In the church of San Martino, there is even a large stone with a Latin inscription engraved into it, one of the oldest documents found in entire province. This church of San Martino is located in the countryside and is a very modest structure, which resembles a simple cottage from the outside, with beautiful frescoes on the interior walls that have been well-preserved.
Along with this Ancient Roman document, the numerous churches and beautiful environment of Cavaso del Tomba are also great sites to enjoy.
Info: Municipality of Cavaso del Tomba


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