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The town of Cimadolmo extends for over 7 km. along the left bank of the Piave river and comprises 50% of the sacred river's banks. Along with making the earth here very fertile and great for cultivating, the Piave has also made trade very easy. Cimadolmo was once owned by a Venetian family, the Papadopoli, who were considered as dignified as counts and traded frequently along the river.
The economy of Cimadolmo is based primarily on artisan crafts and agriculture. The art of basket-weaving in Cimadolmo has become a considerably strong part of the economy, making up the great part of the artisan works in the area. During the period of Germany occupation in World War II, the basket-weavers were required to produce baskets for packing the artillery ammunition.
In terms of agriculture, wine-production in Cimadolmo is an especially popular activity here, with the local red wines being some of the best in Treviso. A particularly fine wine grown in the area is the Raboso.
Info: Municipality of Cimadolmo


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