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The municipality of Cordignano, crossed by the Meschio River, is situated between the regions Veneto and Friuli. Cordignano includes a large portion of land varying altitudes between 1 kilometer and sea-level, which extends between the high-point of Cansiglio and the lower-lying plains.
The constant contact with the river has always brought a critical sustenance to the economic activities of the inhabitants, who gain both food and capitalistic opportunities from the water. Locals here are taught with expert training how to utilize the offerings around them for their crafts without damaging nature. The agriculture in Cordignano is decidedly varying in terms of its cultivations, though olive-trees and vineyards are the most popular crops.
Cordignano is also home to historical sites from several different generations with the Villa Mocenigo and “il Castelat”. The Villa Mocenigo was built in the mid-17thcentury in a part of Cordignano known as Villa di Villa and was once the home of Antonio Altan, a famous writer, poet and count of Salvarolo. “Il Castelat” (Castle of Cordignano), although reduced to ruins today, was the estate of the Da Camino family from 1138 to 1388, where many fierce battles once took place.
Info: Municipality of Cordignano


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