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Crespano del Grappa
Crespano del Grappa stems from the bottom of the Monte Grappa, the sacred mountain known for the epic battles of World War I (1914-18). The name of this municipality was simply Crespano until 1867 and was then known as Crespano Veneto until 1920.
This area has been the site of many different battles, first at the forefront of WWI battlefronts and then in World War II (1940-1944) at the nearby Massiccio hills. The top of Monte Grappa (at an altitude of 1779 metres) features a monument to the soldiers from such countries as Italy, Austria and Hungary who perished in the various battles nearby. The monument is a massive structure built almost entirely with white stone and 23,000 fallen soldiers are laid to rest there.
In the foothills of Monte Grappa, at an altitude of 600 meters, there is a sanctuary to the Madonna del Covolo that is visited all year by worshippers from Treviso and Padova. According to tradition, in the 12th century, the Madonna came to a deaf mute here and healed him of his disabilities.
Info: Municipality of Crespano del Grappa


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