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San Biagio di Callalta
San Biagio owes its name to its devotion to Saint Biagio, a bishop and martyr. It was also named for the military road ‘Callis Alta’ (known today as SS.53 'Postumia'), which was built in the late Roman era, after the destruction of the ancient road linking the municipalities of Tarvisium and Opitergium.
During the time it belonged to the Republic of Venice, S. Biagio enjoyed a period of relative tranquility and its territory became home to magnificent villas built by nobles and patricians from the ‘Serenissima’. Some of these still survive today including: Villa Navagero-Erizzo in Rovarè (built at the end of the 1700s), Villa De Rossi in Cavrie and Villa Mariani and Villa Marzotto-Caotorta in Spercenigo. The area’s most splendid villa— unfortunately no longer standing today—was once Rovarè’s Villa da Lezze.
The most far-reaching historical event that occurred in S. Biagio is the ‘Battle of the Solstice’. Fought during the World War I, it made a permanent mark on this territory and its people’s indelible memories. Fagarè’s Military Shrine of the Battle commemorates those fallen during the Great War.
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