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San Vendemiano
 The Municipality of San Vendemiano got its name from African bishop Saint Vendemiale who was martyred by the Vandals. Since ancient times, his cult has been associated with that of San Fiorenzo. In the VII century, Tizano, the Bishop of Treviso, brought relics of the two saints from Corsica to Treviso, where they are hosted today.

One of the Municipality of San Vendemiano’s most unique and important activities is the production of paintbrushes for decorators and artists. The area boasts numerous companies of various sizes that generate a substantial turn-over, primarily due to exportation.

The territory of San Vendemiano preserves myriad examples of artful architecture created in the period of time spanning from the XV to the XVIII centuries. One imposing example is its seventeenth century villa, attributed to Baldassare Longhena. Located on the highest hillside of the Calpena area, it was designed to protect ample property belonging to the Lippomano family, a wealthy Venetian dynasty.

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