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The town Segusino, situated in a lovely landscape of hills, is pleasantly enriched by impressive churches and oratories. The Parish-Church of St. Lucia was entirely restored following the devastating destruction during World War I and is now decorated in an impressive Neo-Gothic style.

In the area of Segusino known as Stramare there is another church, Chiesa di San Valentino, that located in a very beautiful piazza and features a fountain carved from a single piece of stone next to it. Before the “discovery” of San Valentino (the namesake of Valentine’s Day) as a protector of lovers, San Valentino supposedly used this fountain’s water to cure epilepsy.

Other noteworthy churches here include the Church of Santo Stefano, rebuilt after World War II, and the ancient Chiesa dei Santi Gervasio e Protasio, once home to a hermitage that is honoured each year with a festival, “Festa del Romit”.

There is a curious legend here that tells of creatures known as Mazharol that supposedly inhabit the forests of Segusino. These elf-like creatures with the hands and feet of a goat, dressed in red dresses and pointy hats, are said to hide among the trees, waiting to convince those passing by into deviating from the right path. Created as a way of explaining how vast the nearby forests can feel when immersed in them, this tale shows how deep into nature one can wonder in the surrounding woodlands.

Source: Municipality of Segusino


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