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Silea, previously known as “Melma” because of the nearby river (melma is the Italian word for a type of mud found there), is made up of four parts; Silea, Lanzago, Cendon and Saint Elena. Each of these areas, as local travel-writer Danilo Scomparin affirms, “has two histories: a collective history shared among all of them all and a unique history developed separate from the rest”.
Silea is one of the eleven municipalities that makes up the Regional Park of the Sile River (“Parco Regionale del fiume Sile”), surrounding the central river from which the name derives. The expansive park in Silea offers a bike path built on the towpaths and banks of the Sile. The path leaves from Treviso and, running along the left bank of the river, finishes at the Sile Farmhouse. In another endeavor to preserve natural wildlife, Silea has been home to the Cicogne Center since 1994, a wildlife group which aims to reintroduce the endangered white stork into the wild soon.
There are also numerous Venetian villas in Silea thanks to its vicinity to Treviso, both of which used the Sile River as an important trade-route with Venice for many centuries.
Source: Municipality of Silea


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