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The name Spresiano comes from its former name in Latin “Sperciglanus”. This ancient settlement was originally developed around the Piave, using its springs as sources of life and work.
Under Napoleon's control, the original path of the river was notably modified with the construction of the path called “Pontebbana” to connect Venice to Vienna. This “royal waterway” was built where there had once been an Ancient Roman road and trade along the river contributed greatly to the local economy.
Spresiano's socio-economic development and the population growth at the end of the 19th century turned it into an important location for the wood industry. The local company Lazzaris, for example, once had over 1000 workers in its factory and has become one of the most important Italian wood factories, transforming the town into a very modern commercial centre.
The nearby World War I battles left a lasting mark on Spresiano. After the Italian armies retreated from Caporetto, Spresiano was occupied entirely by troops and hospitals, forcing the population to flee the city and leave their businesses. The recovery after the war was slow and difficult but private initiatives since the 1960's have helped revive the once-bustling commercial centre.
Source: Municipality of Spresiano


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