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In the lands comprising Vazzola, there have been a variety of archaeological findings from the countryside's history, including the ancient vases, coins and pottery now on display at the Museum of Oderzo.

In ancient times, this area was covered entirely by forests and, with the vast woodlands that still remain, it is commonly referred to as the Bosco (Woodlands). Settlements here started with farmhouses along the Vazzola stream, from which the area takes its name, and the town continued to grow around these locations.

Throughout history this area has been home to many different influential families, who visited Vazzola and loved it so much that they decided to live there. These noble palaces feature prestigious 17th-century art and architecture that are still on display today and help to show what was popular and impressive for the nobility of the time. One of such structures, Palazzo Tiepolo, is now a municipal building that displays an original coat of arms of the Da Camino family to honor the family's power even over other influential families. 

Source: Municipality of Vazzola


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